Solutions to support the regenerating school

Nexus Consulting can assist schools, academies and learning providers to implement coherent, manageable, and purposeful development towards becoming properly outward-facing, with a clear focus which both complements and enhances its commitment to raising standards. Nexus Solutions are organised around five linked strands of performance:
  • Development of partnership
  • Range and responsiveness of community engagement
  • Enhancement and achievement of learning for all
  • Effective leadership and governance
  • Capacity-building for the future
A regenerating school at the heart of its communities is one which integrates traditional learning and skills with renewed emphasis on the importance of learning beyond the classroom. This is reflected, for example, in its commitment to:
  • Connect schooling directly to real-world experience, including the involvement of a wide range of people acting as co-educators, and sharing their knowledge, ideas and skills.
  • Contribute to and learn from their communities becoming mutual providers of resources, expertise, employment, and learning experiences, each to the other
  • Make full use of all that we now know about how humans learn so as to develop profound learning.
  • Give increasing responsibility and leadership to young people for the conduct of their lives and learning, supporting their broader development as resilient, creative individuals, active citizens, and enterprising workers.
Such schools work closely with local employers and the wider community in a range of reciprocal activity to offer robust learning for students and others in a wide range of formal and informal contexts. They monitor, recognise and validate achievement in these areas.

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